Tailgate Cutting Board by LabRak

 Please note, thee are made to order and take two weeks.

After several months of development, we are now offering tailgate cutting boards for your Land Cruiser. Direct replacement for  your carpet panel and can be removed when not in use and the carpet replaced.  


-CAD drawn and designed

-Precision cut

-Made from HDPE Cutting board sheet stock

-Countersunk mounting holes, to protect your knife’s edge

-Direct replacement of factory carpet pad

-Easy installation

-Stainless hardware

-Easy clean up

-Non slip textured top

-The edges are rounded and smooth

-Replaces cumbersome tables

-Use while camping, tailgate parties, sporting events, changing diapers, pets, molible work bench, it has endless uses. 

-You can remove and re install your carpet pad if desired.




You simply remove your carpet cover for your tailgate, position the cut board into place, and mark holes with center punch. Drill 7/16” holes with a stepped drill bit.  Then install hardware into cut board and position into holes. Then tighten from one side to another while keeping tension on toggle nuts until secure.

-Made in Central Oregon


What’s in the box?

One cut board and mounting hardware. 


Tailgate Cutting Board by LabRak

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