Load Bar Awning Mounts by LabRak

If you're looking for a solid solution for mounting your awning to load bars, these are it. Compatible with Thule, Yakima, Inno or Rhino Load-bars. These fit both the Round or Square Load-bar types.   Designed to fit your awning tight to the load bars to eliminate wind buffering.


Fits the popular and quality IronMan, ARB, FoxWing, GoFSR, 23 Zero, Tepui and re branded imports.

Made from a single piece of 304 Stainless steel, these light weight mounts allow for a tight fit along your roof line. Taking up only 1.25" of the load bar allowing for any accessory to be mounted behind it if desired. Grade-F nylon flange lock nuts make for a solid mount that cant come loose. 

Made to last a lifetime.



  • CAD drawn, laser cut and precision formed
  • Fits all awnings models from roll out to wing'd models
  • Lightweight, robust and direct fit
  • Easy to install
  • Sand blasted for a superior adhesion of powder
  • Made from 304 Stainless steel
  • Powder Coated matte black
  • Sold as a pair with brackets (4 pcs),
  • Stainless hardware and nylon flanged lock nuts included
  • One tool installation




Load Bar Awning Mounts by LabRak

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