ARB Bumper Fog Light Assembly Upgrade

Please Note That The Optional Flush Mount Lights Are On Back Order From The Manufactuer. 

ARB Bumper Housings Ship Within 48 Hours.

With the support of ARB, we have designed the first to market direct replacement light modules for their Deluxe and Sahara Bumpers. That includes a dual marker LED an optional single fog light, all in one housing.  After several prototypes and disign testing, these are the end result and require no cutting or trimming of your ARB bumper. 


These replace the plastic models that fail due to UV or from impact. They install with ease into the factory provisions, providing a substantial upgrade in quality, durability and lighting projection.

Each is laser cut from a single sheet of CR steel, precision formed then welded. After abrasive cleaning, each is pre-baked to remove moisture, then powder coated twice to ensure corrosion resistance and superior durability. The powder we use is black soft texture with 20% gloss to complement the ARB bumper and look factory. Lights can be shimmed to raise or lower the light beam projection if needed in rare cases. We've incorperated drain holes so that the trail doesn't come home with you. 

There is no drilling or cutting needed to replace factory ARB modules.

Designed in-house, by our chief design engineer. Using the latest in CAD technology for a precise fit and superior craftsmanship. The LED is dual mode so that you can run marker white and amber turn signals.

The LED is gauranteed to function for as long as you own them unlike ARB's and even if you damage one on the trail we will send you a new one, just send us a pic of the carnage.  




Utilizing our proprietary Dual-Mode LED marker lights allow for correct wiring in newer vehicles with dual light modules and CanBus systems. These lights are recessed into the light face from behind for a clean finish. You have the choice of wiring for parking lights and or amber turn signals.  Clear lense with amber LED's.

Waterproof rating: IP65





We've upgraded our hardware with Black Stainless Steel Button head bolts and

type F nylon flange nuts. Giving the modules a clean look and rattle free for a lifetime.



The install kit includes, cable ties, braided wiring sleeves, shrink tube, and split loom.



  • Direct bolt on with no modifications to bumper
  • Stainless black oxide button head mounting screws
  • Type F nylon flange lock nuts
  • Hardware for light imstall is included
  • Patterned off new ARB light housings
  • Fits both standard and Sahara bumpers
  • Lights are recessed to prevent off-road damage
  • Powder is matched to ARB's bumper for clean factory look
  • Sand blasted prior to powder for a superior adhesion
  • One piece design for ease of install
  • Can be installed on existing installed bumper
  • Drain relief holes for ease of cleaning
  • Clean factory look
  • Our housings will accept Rigid's and all other quality brand flush mounted lights
  • Marker lights can be wired into running lights (white) and turn (amber) or not at all


In the box:: 

-Both RH and LH light module housings.

-One pair of LED clear lens marker lights w/ bracket, installed.

-Black stainless steel mounting hardware w/ nylon flange lock nuts.

-Cable ties, shrink tube, braided wire sheathing and wire loom.

Made in Oregon


We sourced the best "optional" lighting we could find.

-Choose "Fog lights" for the most popular and best light pattern for night driving.

Optional Light Details:

  • The Highest Quality D4 Flush Mount Light
  • CREE 5W Chips = 20 Watts
  • Deutsch waterproof molded connector
  • Aluminum housing
  • Polycarbonate Optically Clear Lens
  • Lumens: 2200lm
  • Voltage: 9-36v DC
  • Color Temp: 6000k
  • MIL Spec Patented GORE® pressure vent.
  • Operating Temp: -40 ~ 145*
  • 50,000 hour average life span or 5 years continuous use
  • Pass CE, RoHS, UV, Vibration, Anti-interference, Salt and fog
  • Waterproof Rating: IP68
  • 1-Year unlimited warranty
  • If no harness is ordered, we will supply two pigtails for ease of install

With a family member being diagnosed with breast Cancer last year. So we are offering our

ARB Light modules with optional pink faced LED lights. Same lights, just pink models.

Whether you want to support breast cancer awareness or love pink, this option is for you.  


Optional Wiring Harness Features:

-Quality, and complete

-Dual Deutsch DT connectors

-Rocker switch

-Molded fuse housing

-Relay (12v)

-Wire Sheathing



Made In the United States!

ARB Bumper Fog Light Assembly Upgrade

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