80-Series Aux Relay Fuse Panel Mount

1991-'97 Land Cruiser 80-Series LX450 Aux Relay Mount.


Made from stainless steel, this bracket attaches underneath the factory 80-Series battery hold down for both the primary and auxiliary batteries. Now you can build your wiring set up and mount your fuse block.  Install all your relays on one bracket without drilling any holes in your 80-Series. Designed to give you the best aux wiring wiring managment for your 80's accessories.



  • Retains 6 tab style relays
  • 11- Mounting holes for relays, ground stud or accessories
  • 14 cutouts for zip-ties for wire managment
  • Pre drilled for Blue Sea fuse block model 5029


In the box

  • 1-Relay bracket
  • 10-small cable ties
  • 10-medium cable ties
  • 4-stainless steel screws and nylon lock nuts for fuse block
  • 2-adhesive retention 4-way blocks for cable ties

80-Series Aux Relay Fuse Panel Mount

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