1998-'99 Land Cruiser Rear Cargo Shelf

The LabRak 100-Series Rear Cargo Shelf

This model is for the 1998 and 1999 100-Series Land Cruiser

without rear air conditioning and NO 3rd row seating!


The Cargo Shelf gives you over 1,200sq inches of usable storage space.  We designed it to carry all your small gear, from sleeping bags, ropes, soft cases, small packs, blankets, first aid kits and other gear.


Fully compatible with Speski Cargo Barriers, if you do not have one, you need one. We have the Speski Barriers in both our 80 and 100 series Land Cruisers and love them. The must have accessory if you have dogs or you pack a lot of gear. Find them here.


Shelf comes fully powder coated in low glare black texture for easy cleaning and maintenance. Specific mounting brackets that keep your valuables from exiting the cargo windows when open. Just over 8" of height allows for a great use of space. It is highly stout, over built and meets the highest standards.

Using the existing cargo area’s grab handle locations, this offers a direct bolt-on cargo management solution.


Each shelf takes just over 4 hours to build. Each is bent up using a TubeShark bender for precise bends. Set into a jig to ensure correct size, then square and then butt welded on four sides then ground smooth.  Then the wire mesh is fixed to a jig and welded front and back (102 weld points).  The brackets are manufactured from heavy gage steel that is laser cut then precision formed using a CNC press. Then sand blasted and sent to powder coating for a superior finish.


The shelf when properly installed does not shake, rattle or squeak.


Not for models with 3rd row seats!


What’s in the box?

  • Shelving platform
  • Optional Front fence bracket (not in use with Speski barrier, optional)
  • RH and LH mounting bracket made from heavy gauge steel
  • Mounting Hardware. Stainless carriage colts, nylon flanged lock nuts, spacers and mounting bolts.


Shelving unit comes ready to install and ships in a custom 48"x24"x4" box that weighs 46 pounds. 




Made in Oregon.

1998-'99 Land Cruiser Rear Cargo Shelf

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