1991-'97 Land Cruiser 10" Sub Woofer Mount

This Sub Woofer Mount fit all 1991-'97  U.S. Spec Land Cruiser 80-Series and the LX450


We recently acquired our first 80-series and during the deconstruction and build plan we quickly realized we needed a solution as a box was out of the question with our dogs.  We simply copied the factory sub-woofer brackets mounting locations, then elongated the bracket to support and allow for a 10” Shallow Free-Air mount sub.  Our customers requested a mounting solution for accessory ports, wiring and fuse panel. So we added that to the design and made a total of 5 mounting locations. This makes for a rattle free and secure platform for your sub woofer needs without altering the vehicle or drilling any holes.




  • This sub-woofer mount fits the 80 series Toyota 80 Series and the Lexus LX-450 platform from 1/90 through 1/98.
  • FARO 3D scanned, CAD drawn, laser cut and precision forming make it above OE quality and fit.
  • Direct bolt in replacement to the original.
  • Fits most 10” shallow-mount sub-woofers with 9.25” cutout.
  • Slotted mounting locations to help in the ease of installation.
  • No drilling required for installation, mounts to factory locations.
  • Hole has been added for factory taillight harness clip..
  • Made from heavy galvanized 12ga steel
  • Comes with all new mounting hardware, 5 bolts, washers and nylon lock nuts.  


Made in Oregon


1991-'97 Land Cruiser 10" Sub Woofer Mount

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